November 12, 2012

angel wings

these pictures are funny because i am standing in front of some street art that makes me look like i have angel wings. i am not an angel. neither is carlos.  ask anyone.  we are more like devils (i was sorted into slytherin on pottermore).  on another note - it was actually cold this weekend.  like below 50 degrees!  at night!  that's cold for los angeles.  i made bf light the pilot light for the heater.   

free people jacket (old, but similar), free people slip, lululemon leggings (similar), frye boots (similar), ray-ban sunglasses, dog not available in stores - he's one of a kind.

my sunday: brunch at urthmoca at the geffen contemporary.  macaroons from bottega louie.  stopping by the garden to water.  dinner at la cabinita.  i wish it was always sunday.  happy monday?

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1 comment:

marama said...

Great photos!

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