November 7, 2012

i voted for 4 more years!

last night obama was re-elected president! i could not be happier, or more relieved, because this election season was exhausting and stressful. but it is finally over and obama is sticking around for 4 more years!

i love voting.  i'd been carrying around my sample ballot in my purse for days before the polls opened.  i had everything marked how i'd vote come election day, and when i got to my local polling place i was way too excited!  i got my sticker and the rest of the day was a long one.  waiting for 4 pm to come around, when the east coast polls start closing and results start coming in.  at first it didn't look that great, but it was still early.  then it just kept getting better and better, and it was called for obama!

there were also a lot of great changes happening around the country - allowing same sex marriage in maine and maryland!  legalizing marijuana in colorado and washington state (which we failed to do in CA in 2010)!  here in california, it looks like only one of my top 3 initiatives is passing.  i can't see why prop 37 didn't pass.  big agribusiness wins... for now.

did you vote in this election?  i heard there were insanely long lines in some places.  how do you feel about the outcome of this election?  let me know in the comments!

p.s. i'm also really happy we get 4 more years of michelle obama's FLOTUS' style!

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