November 15, 2012

transitioning to less waste - diy make-up remover

i haven't given up on my goal of reducing the amount of waste i produce, even though its been ages since i first brought up the subject. i have been busy testing out homemade alternatives to all the products i used to buy, use then throw in the trash (or recycling)! soooo, one of my biggest waste creating products - the oh so convenient make-up remover towelettes. you know, they come in a plastic package (waste), you pull one out, clean your face, and throw it away (more waste). did i mention that these things cost at least $8 dollars a pack (before adding tax)? did i also mention that the number one ingredient is water? followed by other things i can't pronounce. yes ladies, we have been paying close to $10 for paper towels soaked in water. yup.

so i did a little internet research and found some recipes for homemade make-up removers.  and then i felt awful because for years i'd been wasting my money on those towelettes when the whole time i had everything in my house to make a make-up remover.  think of all the clothes i could have bought with that saved money!!!
ultimately, i decided to use the measurements from one recipe i found but different ingredients.  this is literally the easiest diy ever and i'm almost embarrassed to even call it that, but i'm sure someone out there will be amazed at this.  i decided to use coconut oil instead of olive oil - i don't know if you've heard, and its not scientifically proven, but coconut oil has magical powers.  you can use it for everything.  i'm pretty sure that when you use coconut oil in a homemade make-up remover it actually makes you more beautiful.  like i said, its not scientifically proven but i'm like 90% sure its true.  i also used dr. bronner's liquid soap instead of johnson's baby shampoo.  dr. bronners is made from vegetables, completely biodegradable and yeah, i also think there might be some kind of magical powers in this soap (the website even says that its magic).

homemade make-up remover instructions:

grab a jar with a lid.  heat one cup of water, you should probably do this on the stove and not in the microwave.  pour hot water into the jar, and add one table spoon coconut oil and one tablespoon the soap of your choice.  screw the lid onto the jar and shake to combine.

that is it.  homemade make-up remover.  you should wait for it to cool down before using it.  and if you are sitting here thinking "zero waste?  what about the cotton pads that you will use to apply the make-up remover?"  i've got a solution for that too.  i made some flannel make-up remover squares like these.  you could also just use an old t-shirt that you cut into squares, but the flannel squares are cuter.   

a few tips - do not use the peppermint dr. bronners, it will burn your eyes.  i'd suggest the lavender, rose or the unscented mild baby soap.

will you try the homemade make-up remover?  i've been using it for months and i works just as well as the expensive, throw away towelettes.  let me know what you think in the comments!   

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Jen Schmidt said...

I am definitely going to try this and the re-usable squares.. You should post more tips for the waste-conscious!

circleofchaos said...

Nice post,dear.^^
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