December 27, 2012

holiday dress - pt. 2

i didn't actually take these photos the day of the office holiday party.  i had to take them two days after.  why?  let me tell you.  it all started out with an email from drybar announcing the opening of the newest location in pasadena.  the opening just happened to be the day before the office holiday party.  i then received another email, this time from groupon, for you guessed it - a drybar groupon good only at the new pasadena location.  so naturally i'd rather have someone else do my hair for the party, especially after working all day long.  so i buy the groupon, make my appointment - which is supposed to last 35-45 minutes - leaving me with enough time to go home after the appointment do my make-up and get to where i needed to be at a reasonable time.  the best laid plans.  

i "ordered" the mai tai - loose, beachy waves.  an hour and a half after my appointment my hair was finally done, didn't look like i had expected it too (i told the stylists not to curl my hair with the round brush, as it would fall straight within 15 mintues), and was running late extremely late.  a 10 minute drive back to my house to finish getting ready and my loose, beachy waves looked more like the straight up.  so it looked fine, but it wasn't what i wanted and OH YEAH, why did it take an hour and a half for the "stylist" to blow dry my hair?!?!          

anyway, i am completely inflexible and was so annoyed at the entire situation.  i missed the taco bar at the party.  stupid drybar.  i've given up on drybar, i won't be back and i don't reccommend you go.  seriously, i could do my hair better myself.  and then i had a whole bunch of technology issues and couldn't get the photos edited for like 2 weeks and so now i am finally able to post these photos. 

madewell dress, free people pumps, free people jacket (old), luv aj bracelet and hand chain, marc by marc jacobs clutch (similar)

i could rant and rant about this not-awful but no where near good enough to return experience at drybar.  on the bright side i had a groupon so its not like i paid full price or anything.  now christmas is over and i have two more posts with this dress.  is anyone tired of the dress yet?  i'm not antianticipating anymore tech issues (but does anyone really?) so maybe i'll post more?  who knows. 

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Lucie Srbová said...

I just discover your blog on Chictopia and I really love it! Your dressa and shoes are fab!
Following you on GFC and Bloglovin! It will be great if you check my blog.

Kisses, Lucy:)


Such a pretty outfit! loves :)


i love the lace!!
have a nice holiday:)
kisses from milano

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