April 24, 2013


the weather we've been having in LA is ridiculously undecided.  is it summer?  is it spring?  is it winter?  who knows.  it's 80 degrees one day and 65 the next.  maybe it will sprinkle.  its just that time of year when the weather just can't make up its mind, which makes getting dressed a bit more complicated.  i have to ask myself - will it be cold today?  will the AC in my office be turned up way to high because its slightly warm outside?  will the wind pick up and make it feel cooler than it actually is?  so much thought goes into getting dressed (never mind the whole "am i sitting at a desk or working on a shoot today"), its pretty much a guessing game when it comes to weather appropriate outfits.

luckily the weather decided to stay on the cool side - just warm enough that i could walk around without my trench but not so warm that i wished i'd worn a tank.  i also feel a little bit parisian in this outfit.  i don't know why, i was in paris almost 6 years ago so i really don't know what all the girls are wearing.  but my scarf is from paris and my tee is st. james.  so, you know.  i decided to pull out my neon pink cambridge satchel to add some color to an otherwise gloomy morning!

and i totally realize that this is almost the exact same outfit i just posted (minus the minnie ears), but whatever.  i like this outfit and in real life (vs. blogger life) people wear the same thing multiple times!

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Roser Lou said...

Cool style!!! love your bag!


Besos from Barcelona!

Carlinn said...

Very cool and chic outfit!


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