May 9, 2013

garden update 4 (two weeks)

a long-overdue garden update:

cilantro, two weeks ago.

cliantro, 1 week ago.

kale, two weeks ago.

kale, 1 week ago.

carmello tomato, 2 weeks ago.

carmello tomato, 1 week ago.

lots of sungold cherry tomatos.

more of the sungold cherry tomatoes.

the first ripe tomato!

and then i ate it.  it was delish. 

big boy tomato, 2 weeks ago.

big boy tomato, 1 week ago.

tomatoes, 2 weeks ago.

tomatoes, 1 week ago.
i'm about to have lots of tomatoes and cilantro, guess i'm making salsa this summer!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I'd love to have my own garden and a green thumb like you!
xx Kate

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