July 19, 2013


somewhat belated, but i spent 4th of july camping.  the campground was in the los padres national forest, which was about 20 mins outside of ojai.  normally i camp around some kind of body of water (ocean, lake, river...) but this campground wasn't near any water.  actually there is a reservoir near by, but we didn't find out until the end of the day before we were leaving.  oops!  anyway, camping fashion, its like... just dirty.  dirty hair, dirty shoes, dirt covered everything.  so naturally we just decided to have a photoshoot, cause why not?  its not like my hair is dirty or anything...

ray-ban aviators, lululemon bra (similar), vintage overalls (similar)

actually, it was a pretty fun camping trip - minus the lack of running water and the things that were supposed to be a bathroom (GROSS).  next time i need a beach within walking distance!

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