The Truth About Home Manicures


Come on and face it girls, a new hairdo, and a fresh manicure always lifts your day.

This is the truth period.

In the not so distant past both of these luxuries would have had to have been undertaken at great expense at a professional salon.

These days however, the professionals can come to you. Mobile techs are more than happy to take your money while sitting in your home.

While this may always be the case for your hair, the manicure is now within reach of a proficient home user to apply.

Nail varnishes come in many varieties and qualities. They are applied very easily but equally don’t last very long and a reapplication can be needed in just a day or two. They are easy to chip and quite fragile.

A gel polish manicure has more recently moved from the salon to the home. With the gels needing a UV light to set the product it seems more complicated to apply than a simple varnish.

Funnily enough the opposite is almost true. As when the gel is cured with the UV light there is no further drying time, no chance for it to smudge.

To achieve a great gel manicure a base coat must be applied first then cured. Then the colour code is applied and that is cured. Finally a high gloss topcoat is applied and set.

The gel polish manicure is much more robust beast than an ordinary varnish. If applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions then these manicures should last well over 10 days and into two weeks.

Brands of gel polish vary in price greatly from CND and OPI, to Bluesky and Elite99.

The ingredients for top end and low end products are very much the same and the only difference this writer can see is in the advertising budget.

Take a look at the many and varied colours offered by Bluesky Gel Polish which number over 1000.

No other company can match this number of colours.

Why not go ahead and try them out yourself. A UV lamp can be picked up for $50 and the gel polishes for around $8 a bottle. So you can see when 1 manicure costs $25 for the cost of three manicures your kit could be paid for.

Good luck on your manicure adventure.

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