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April 8, 2011

roundtop antique fair outfit

a lot of factors went into choosing what to wear to roundtop.  i knew that we would be doing a lot of walking, the weather was going to be warm, annnd it was going to be a long day - so i needed something comfortable to wear.

rag & bone button down, ray-ban sunnies

free people bandeau & halter, ag jeans shorts

jw hulme bag, toms shoes (not shown)

straw hat from antique fair

i almost wasn't going to wear the crochet top, feeling it might be too revealing but i am so glad i did!  i didn't feel like i was overheating at all during the day and i think i got a tiny bit of color.   ended up being a super comfortable outfit, and i think i looked pretty cute too!

April 7, 2011

roundtop antique fair!

friday in texas was a busy day - really busy!  we spent most of the day at the roundtop antique fair, which was.... amazing, to say the least.  i'm actually having a hard time finding words to describe how amazing it its.  like the rose bowl flea market times 5 maybe?  just miles and miles and fields and fields of flea market goodness.  you can't even understand how amazing it is from the pictures.

the drive wasn't too long, maybe an hour and a half, and soooo worth it!  i had a really hard time picking which photos to include, as i took soo many and everything was just so amazing.

the drive to roundtop

miles and fields of antiques and vintage... also known as heaven
we were amused by the clothing
kinda love those antler chandeliers 
like this but times 1000
brisket sandwich.  yeah... i ate that. 
more amazing-ness
gorgeous rings
spurs, skis & rugs

it was a little overwhelming but i managed to find a few things - a bracelet, earrings, a really awesome moonshine jug & matching jar.  i really would have liked to have bought some furniture, but i didn't wanna spend my vacation figuring out the whole getting the stuff back to los angeles thing.  this will definitely not be the only time i go to roundtop.  next time maybe a roadtrip with a uhaul.

i'm so glad i got to experience roundtop with my best friends, we had so much fun!  i would highly recommend checking out antique fair if you like antiques, vintage and flea market shopping.

September 27, 2010

heat wave

we are in the middle of a heat wave right now and it is miserable. what better to do during a heat wave than go to a flea market? not.

i had made plans last week (the weather was cool btw) with some friends to go check out the new LA flea market at dodger stadium this past sunday. i really wasn't impressed. maybe it was the heat but i just expected... i dunno something more interesting after all i had read. they have pretty much the same stuff as the PCC or the rose bowl flea markets have. vintage, antiques, new stuff, food. there was also a seating area that was covered and a stage where bands play. i had read about all the food trucks that would be at the flea market and was pretty excited, but then it was just too hot to eat and the border grill truck wasn't there!

i did buy this really cute poncho ($35):

and i also picked up a few more strands of beads (and it was only about $24):

free people bandeau, splendid shirt, jbrand jeans

i don't think i'll head out to this flea market again, and so far PCC is my favorite. next i'll have to go to the fairfax flea market.

September 7, 2010

in the market for fleas

i guess since its been around for awhile, its not exactly a "new fab find," however it was new for me. this past sunday i decided to check out the pcc (pasadena city college) flea market. i think its my fav flea market. while they had less clothing than the rose bowl flea market, i liked more for the following reasons:

1. its free to get it!
2. most of the booths are in an actual parking structure which means shade when it hot and cover if its raining.
3. small flea market so i didn't feel overwhelmed with so may booths to look at.

how amazing and mad men-esque would my house be with this stuff?!?!  wish the bf liked that style.

looovvveeeee these bugs!  next time im bringing enough cash to get some!

beads, beads, beads!  picked up some stuff for my new project that im starting.  will unveil the product/name in the next few months.

i had made a rather long list of items to look for at the flea market, but only came home with some strands of beads (for a currently untitled project i am going to start), some brass looking candle holders which i plan on spray painting, and a woven basket that im using in my kitchen. i found some amazing furniture that i wish i could afford and some really beautiful pinned butterflies, which i would have bought except i was trying to not spend too much so i passed this time.

anyway, the pcc flea market is on the first sunday of every month, and i highly recommend for everyone to go!
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