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July 23, 2013

stripes to the MAX!

last week i took a few days off of work to just hang out. i normally like to use my time off for a real vacation or sickness, but every now and then i'll take a day or two and just hang out with friends.  it's nice to have a day at home/go out to lunch/do something in the evening where i don't feel rushed after work.  on thursday night i went out with my friends to malo to watch some stand-up comedy, eat some tacos and have a drink or two.  it's been super hot lately, so i wanted to wear something that would be light, comfortable, and cute.  this striped maxi that i picked up from the last rachel pally sale was just the thing to wear.  

rachel pally maxi dress (similar), vintage belt (similar), shoe mint sandals (similar), ray-ban sunglasses (old), j.w. hulme bag (similar), gap denim jacket

the comedy show was hilarious, the tacos delish (get the squash blossom tacos!), and the dress was the perfect thing to wear for a warm summer night.  i can't say i love an outfit more than one that feels like pajamas!  this would also make a great traveling dress!

p.s. thanks to anjelica for taking my photos!

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June 13, 2012

the echo dress

true story - i've had my eye on rachel pally's echo dress since february. i was literally checking the site everyday to see if my size was still in stock. then i got my rachel pally email newsletter and the dress was on sale! and still available in my size. clearly the universe was telling me to buy this dress. so i did! 

just one more super soft, comfy and cute dress to add to my RP collection!  you know i love rachel pally's designs (see)!  happy wednesday!

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February 10, 2012

relaxed maxi

what do i wear when i have almost 60 models coming for a casting in the span of 3 hours?  the most comfortable thing i own - my rachel pally maxi.  this skirt is so comfy, i could sleep in it!

happy friday!  i'm off to palm springs for a weekend by the pool (if the weather is nice enough) and just relaxing in general, which is much needed!

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December 2, 2011

rachel pally sample sale!

i'm a little late posting this sample sale info, but i've had no power at my house - going on 48 hours.  if you are stuck without power this weekend, head over to the rachel pally sample sale!  if you can't make it this weekend, the sale will be going on next weekend as well!  perfect timing to get your holiday party dress!

happy shopping!

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August 23, 2011

jeans record

i don't wear my white jeans that often, and here is why: every time i wear them i get something on them.  without fail.  i'm not exaggerating either.  today i broke that streak! 

boyfriend/girlfriend tank, j brand jeans (similar), sam edelman wedges, rayban sunglasses, jw hulme purse

love this neon nail polish that anjelica lent me!  american apparel neon red

we took these shots at the end of the day and look, no spots, marks or splatters!  this means i can wear the jeans again without washing them!  i picked up the tank from the rachel pally sale this past weekend, and i love it!  its from the boyfriend/girlfriend collection, which rachel and her husband created together.  such a cute idea behind the collection!  you can also see that i'm carrying my most cutest and favorite person accessory - carlos!   

p.s. why does carlos' blog have a waaaay better name than this one?? 

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August 21, 2011

saturday sale score!

sorry for the lack of posting this week, i've been recovering from my weekend at outside lands - catching up at work, doing laundry, battling ants invading my kitchen, and having a cold.  having a cold in the summer is the WORST.  its actually not that bad of a cold, other than the whole i can't breathe through my nose thing.  despite the cold i made a quick trip to the rachel pally sample sale, and i mean quick cause i went in knowing exactly what i was looking for!  the marley dress in lawn safari.

rachel pally marley dress, frye boots, vintage belt

i also watched the kardashians marathon today, so obviously i had to curl my hair and put on lots of make-up.  or i was just really bored waiting for my mom to pick me up to go to my cousins 18th birthday/going away to college party.  if you follow me on instagram (stylextraordinaire) or twitter you probably saw the AMAZING cake my sister made for the party.

i seriously fell in love with this dress as soon as i saw it (months ago)!  so happy that i was able to find it at the sale!  if you couldn't make it to the actual sale, do not worry, there are plenty of great summer styles on sale on the rachel pally site

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August 10, 2011

rachel pally warehouse sale!

its time for the rachel pally sample sale again! this time around its going on for two weekends!

i will be in san francisco this coming weekend for the outside lands festival, but will definitely be stopping by the sale next weekend.  seriously - this is one of the best sample sales i've been to, always a huge selection to choose from and the prices are great!   check out the collections here.

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