What is a Fashion Week?

What was there before fashion week? How did designers get the word out about their new creations.

Let me take you back on a very short history trip. Back in fact to Paris of the late 1800s.

Many designers at the same time became aware that women in general were looking up to their counterparts that attended high status events from racetracks to exclusive salons.

These designers then went out and hired women to wear their designs to these functions.

Over time these events eventually took on a life of their own with the clothes being the centre point, And these were the early forerunners of today’s fashion parades.

In the USA a store called Ehrich Brothers put on one is thought to be the first fashion show in store. This was in 1903. In a few short years many department stores were holding their own shows. These were often put on in the department stores restaurants. And would be held during lunch or tea time.

These became so popular, drawing crowds in the thousands, that in New York a licence had to be attained by the department store if they were going to use live models.

During the war, in 1943 the New York fashion week was born. This had one simple objective to raise the profile of American fashions that had always seemed to have been heavily influenced by French couture.

Across the water France be can holding fashion shows in Paris in 1945, the Milan fashion week started in 1958. The London fashion week began in 1984 and was founded by the British passion Council.

The big four as they are known are Paris London Milan and New York.

Photograph courtesy Nordic Co-operation website (norden.org)